by Artist Emma Culling

Pastel and Graphite animal artwork.  

Pet Portrait Commissions, Wildlife Studies and Composite Creature Creations ... plus..........

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Now you've had a look round and would like a portrait of your beloved friend - what do you do next - well that's straightforward. Take a look through this page and find out more.

As a pet owner I understand the importance of capturing not just the image of your friend, but the personality and character. When choosing your photographs, try to make them as clear as possible. Natural daylight is always best. This is particularly important when it comes to dark pets. I have two black dogs myself and find that in the wrong light, all I get from the photo is shine and redeye.


If you're taking the photos from scratch, getting your pet to pose is the first hurdle. Dogs often prove easier with this as they are treat/toy focussed. Cats are a little trickier, so I try to keep the camera handy for a while, so I can make the most of any opportunity. It's so annoying to see the perfect shot, move to get the camera and find the animal has moved or left.




What is the photo is not clear, but it's the pose you want ... don't panic. Send me additional pictures and I can see the markings and character, making the best of both.


Group Shots


Let's say you have two dogs, but can't get them to focus when together.  Take individual photos instead, next to the same marker (eg chair) and I can combine them in the same portrait.


All pasel portraits are completed on high quality colour patel paper, with a wide range of palette choice to ensure there is one that will compliment your friend perfectly.  Once I see the phot, there will be at least three colours suitable.  You can then decide which you would prefer, or you can trust me to make the choice for you. We can discuss all this before I begin the portrait.



Pet Portraits