by Artist Emma Culling

Pastel and Graphite animal artwork.  

Pet Portrait Commissions, Wildlife Studies and Composite Creature Creations ... plus..........

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Welcome to CullingFineArt 


Whether it's domestic or wild creatures, there's lot's the choose from. While the majority of my work is Pastel and Graphite, check out a new page of Sharpie Art.


You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Cullingfineart.

Useful advice, tips and support from many avenues, including fellow artists, helped me to develop and experiment with my creations. Many hours of practice followed until eventually I found a style of my own and continued to create.  After some time completing portraits for friends a family, I decided to cast my net wider and advertised, created a website and spent time at craft/art fairs and took part in my first exhibition.  


Experimenting with various mediums, I discovered Pastel, via tinted charcoal.  With the use of coloured paper, it's amazing the images that can come through.  I now use soft pastel as the colour painting option for all my work.  There is a depth and a warmth I've not found with other mediums and pastel has a wonderful blending tonal quality.


The other option I use is Graphite.  There are such tonal qualities to be found in what is fundamentally one original colour. Yet blend this through soft and hard edges, using the whole range of pencil to pure graphite and a portrait with an atmosphere all it's own can be created.


While the majority of my work has been pet based, I have recently expanded my work to include mixed compositions. I like to follow an idea from concept to finished work, so it says something or makes your think.  These works will be posted in the Gallery section when completed.

So who am I - And how did I get here ...


I am Nottingham based, self taught animal artist Emma Culling. Welcome to my website.  


I studied art during my school years, but found the set content to be less than inspiring and did not have the desire to take it any further. During the following years I started to sketch a little. Soon realising the only muse would be the animal world, artistic interest was reawakened.