by Artist Emma Culling

Pastel and Graphite animal artwork.  

Pet Portrait Commissions, Wildlife Studies and Composite Creature Creations ... plus..........

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In order to make room for new works, I'm having a sale of framed artwork. Just drop me an email if you are interested and we can sort out payment and delivery.

It's time to clear some space for my new works, so I'm selling original framed artwork at a fraction of the original cost. Just drop me an email about the piece you are interested in and we will arrange delivery between us. Please note, the cost does not include postage/carriage, but I am prepared to send both inside and outside the UK.


There's a range of images, which will be updated as new works come up from the framers.


Please note, I retain reproduction rights of the image (which will be discussed), but you will have the genuine article, that no copy can match. Included is a certificate of authenticity.

SBTFramd FramedGT

'Ginger Dream' measures 15 x 14 inches

WAS £120



GorillaFramd 11112911_695034193935579_1546624644102346926_n 1503232_695034133935585_7219378933906717334_n (1) 11402707_694938657278466_3195337942617342770_n (1) 11148841_695034137268918_337428255804252863_n (1) 11295859_695034223935576_1225063955705513961_n (1) 1012955_694938673945131_5396708868562202219_n (1)

'Ginger Dream'

36/38cm 14" x 15" inch

Was £120 - NOW £80


29/34cm 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" inch

Was £115 - NOW £60


43/51cm 17" x 20" inch

Was £125 - NOW £80

'A Mind behind the Eyes'

33/43cm 13" x 17" inch

Was £135 - NOW £100

'Contemplative Cousin'

26/41cm 10" x 16" inch

Was £140 - NOW £100

'A Heart Wrapped in Fur'

46/56cm 18" x 22" inch

Was £200 - NOW £150


28/33cm 11" x 13" inch

Was £100 - NOW £80

'Nine Lives'

47/66cm 18 1/2" x 26" inch

Was £360 - NOW £250

'Rainforest Folklore'

39/46cm 15 1/2" x 18" inch

Was £200 - NOW £150